To My Neighbors in the 18th District:

Dear Neighbor,

As your State Representative I have been committed to making state government work for our community. The community my wife, Ann, and our two sons, William and Benjamin call home. The priorities I fight for are the things that are important to our families. Properly funding our schools, reducing the cost of prescription drugs, protecting our environment and investing in Michigan’s infrastructure are all vital to moving our state forward.

I believe that public service is about helping individuals by working to improve the quality of life across our community. I ask for your support when you vote absentee or when you vote on Election Day, August 4th. Together we will continue to work on building a more inclusive Michigan where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

I once again look forward to earning your support.


I am working in Lansing on the priorities that matter to our community:
• Healthcare. Kevin is working to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, expand access to affordable health care and protect coverage for individuals with preexisting conditions.

• Education. Our students and teachers are the smartest investment we can make to grow our economy.

• Seniors. Kevin will continue to work to repeal the pension tax that has hurt seniors in our community. Everyone deserves the retirement they worked hard to earn.

• Our environment. The 18th District is home to incredible natural resources. Kevin obtained a $3 million grant to reduce combined sewer overflows into Lake St. Clair.

• Roads and Infrastructure. Investments in our infrastructure now will pay dividends for years to come. Kevin will continue to look for new and innovative ways to fix our roads.