To My Neighbors in the 18th District:

Dear Neighbor,

In 2016, we will face an important election in the 18th State House District. Due to term limits, our current State Representative will not be eligible to run for reelection. This creates the need for a strong, progressive candidate who will continue to work towards the improvement of our community. I would like to earn your vote as that candidate.

As we build a family, my wife, Ann, and I are focused on ensuring our community remains strong and vibrant. As we determine our priorities at home, it allows us to focus on the priorities of our community as well. We must continue to work toward strong schools and recreational opportunities for our children, sustain our police and firefighters, who ensure our safety, protect the environment and beautiful Lake St. Clair, and properly maintain our roads and other infrastructure. A focus on the right priorities will ensure our community remains strong for all of us to enjoy, for generations to come.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the Michigan Legislature has lost sight of these priorities. This has led me to the decision to run for the 18th District State House Seat.

As I begin this pursuit, I need to hear from you. Your input is the most important part of this campaign, so I am asking you to please fill out the survey below, and send it in. This will help me to determine the priorities and possible solutions to challenges facing families in our community.

Kevin Hertel

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