As a member of the St. Clair Shores Waterfront Environmental Committee, I work hard to protect our environment. Our community is fortunate to have access to beautiful natural resources. With Lake St. Clair in our back yard, we must ensure our natural resources are preserved for us and future generations.

I will fight to ensure that outdated sewage systems in our area are replaced or repaired in order to end the dumping of sewage into our waterways. We must pass legislation to hold communities that dump sewage into our waterways accountable.

Public Education

As my wife, Ann, and I start a family it is important to us that our children have access to great public schools. I will work every day to ensure our teachers, local school boards and staff have the resources necessary to educate our children. A vibrant Michigan economy begins with a strong public education system.

My other educational priorities include: access to early education for all students and increasing oversight of for profit charter schools.

Higher Education

As a student at Michigan State University, I worked to raise awareness to the rising cost of public higher education. Everyone, regardless of income, deserves to further their education. In recent years, the state legislature has cut funding to these institutions. We must adequately fund Michigan’s public universities and community colleges to ensure we have the most talented workforce in the country.

Public Safety

One of the most basic roles of government is ensuring the safety of the public. Police officers, firefighters, and EMS workers are vital to our communities. To keep our communities safe, I will work tirelessly to ensure proper revenue sharing is in place to keep police and first responders on our streets.

Michigan currently spends over 20% of state general-fund dollars (or just under $2 billion dollars) on our prisons. This is unacceptable and must be dealt with. We must improve programs that reduce long-term prison populations. These include quality mental health care, substance abuse programs, and programs for youth offenders. We can stem the long-term flow of prisoners into our jails.

We must also look at mandatory sentencing laws and examine their effect on our prison population.

Senior Citizens

The State of Michigan owes a great deal of thanks to our senior citizens, who built this state through their hard work. Unfortunately, Governor Snyder and Republicans in the State Legislature have chosen to balance the budget on the backs of our seniors. Senior pensions are now taxed, for the first time in Michigan’s history. It is wrong to tax the fixed incomes of Michigan’s seniors while we give large tax cuts to corporations. I will fight to repeal the pension tax and work hard every day to ensure seniors in Michigan receive the respect they have earned.


It is impossible to drive around the 18th District without confronting the fact that Michigan has a major problem with funding for our roads and bridges. While many other states in the Midwest have made large investments over the last decade, Michigan has failed to do so. As a state, we must responsibly maintain our infrastructure. I will work hard to ensure we don’t ignore this issue and will fight to bring road funding to the 18th District.